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  Foot Reflexology With Acupuncture and Electric Stimulation  

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  China   Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine  



Zhan, Y., "An Introduction to Experience of Applying Foot Massage Plus Acupuncture of Sensitive Points." 1993 China Reflexology Symposium Report, Beijing: China Reflexology Association, pages 51-52


  A 61 yr old male with frequent and urgent urination was given foot reflexology and acupuncture on foot reflex zones once a day for 15 sessions, then every other day. He was completely relieved of his symptoms. Confirmation was given by digital examination of anus and ultra sound exam. 3 months later, his condition was stable. A 65 year old male with prolapse of lumbar disc and hyperosteogeny had pain in loin and legs for 10 years. He was given 24 treatments of foot reflexology and acupuncture of the sensitive points and became symptom-free. There were no further relapse on his 6-month follow-up.


  Foot reflexology combined with acupuncture and electric stimulation has been shown to be effective for relief of urination illness and pain from lumbar disc prolapse.

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