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  Prostate, Enlargement, Hypertrophy  

Study Conducted:



  China   Xinxing Reflexology Service Centre  



Zhou, X., and Zhou, G. (1998). "Treatment of Prostatic Hypertrophy with Reflexotherapy." 1998 China Symposium Report, Beijing : China Reflexology Association, pages 50-51.


  50 patients, all male, ages 55 years and older, with prostate hypertrophy. were given foot reflexology, using strong to medium pressure, focusing on the prostate, endocrine system, lymphatics and urinary system reflex areas. A diet was initiated and they were asked to be careful not to get respiratory tract infections, drink lots of water and have no wine or alcohol. Within 10 days, there was a 90% success rate and it took 21 days for the slowest recovery.


  Foot reflexology was found to be effective for the relief of prostate hypertrophy.

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