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  Multiple Health Conditions: Sleep, Depression In Elderly  

Study Conducted:



  Korea   Department of Nursing,
Daejeon Health Science College



Song RH., Kim DH., “The Effects of Foot Reflexology Massage on Sleep Disturbance, Depression Disorder, and the Physiological Index of the Elderly.” Taehan Kanho Hakhoe Chi 2006 Feb;36(1):15-24.


  50 elderly people were divided into two group: an experimental group consisting of 25 and a control group of 25. They were given 12 sessions of foot reflexology for 30 minutes. The variables of sleep disturbance, depression, physiological index (blood plasma, serotonin, serum cortisol) were all measured before and after the sessions. Data analysis included chi2test, t-test, paired 1-test, and ANCOVA, using the SPSS program. Results: The experimental group improved sleep quality, had less depression and higher serotonin levels than the control group.



Foot Reflexology massage was shown to be a successful nursing intervention to elderly who undergo a change in sleep and suffer from depression disorder due to a deterioration of sleep.

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