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  China   Tianjin Reflexology Association  



Hao, J., Wang, Y., Zhao, L., Yang, Y., Liu, F., Gao, J., Shi, Y., Chen, D., Liu, Y., and Qin, J., "Study on the Results of Physical Checkup by Reflexology Compared with Conventional Methods." 2000 China Reflexology Symposium Report, Beijing: China Reflexology Association, pages 56-58.


  A study was done on 265 people, were divided into two groups, to compare foot reflexology as an effective diagnostic tool. The experimental group had their feet inspected and palpated without any inquiries. The conventional group had a brief health history taken, anamnesis, allergic history, genetic disease history, diet, sleep and excretion conditions, pulse, respiration, blood pressure, examination, and palpation of body. Results: foot reflex exam was 67% accurate in confirming different diseases at their earliest stage and is just as good a diagnostic tool as a conventional exam.



Foot reflexology was found to be effective as a diagnostic tool.

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