Reflexology for Fatigue

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  Korea   Seoul Women’s college of Nursing, Hanyang University  



Oh SY., Lim NY., “The Effects of Self-Administered Hand Reflexology on Fatigue in Student Nurses in Clinical Practice.” J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2004 Dec;11(3):256-264.


  47 student nurses in clinical practice were divided into two groups, an experimental group (EG) and a control group (CG). The EG performed self-hand reflexology for 10 minutes daily for 5 days. It was noted that there was a significant difference in the degree of fatigue in the experimental group over time, but no real difference between the two groups. Secondly, the vigor score for the EG was higher than the CG for 5 days, except for the 5th day; and still no real difference between the two groups. Finally, the fatigue level in the EG increased after 1 hour of the session and no real difference between the two groups.



Self-Administering hand reflexology was not found to be an effective method for relieving fatigue in students nurses clinical practice. Final research is needed to identify the physiological effects.

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