Reflexology Studies for Herpes Zoster

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  Herpes Zoster  

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Wang, C. (1994). "Reflexology Treatment of Herpes Zoster in a Post-Operative Patient of Tongue Carcinoma." 1994 China Reflexology Symposium Report, Beijing : China Reflexology Association, page 90.


  A 51 year old man with herpes zoster after tongue-jaw-neck surgery was given foot reflexology focusing on the lungs, nose, large intestine, kidney, adrenal glands, pituitary gland, thyroids and parathyroids, tonsils, spleen, lymph nodes and excretory system reflexes. After 10 sessions, the herpes was healed with a shortened, benign and fever-free course.


  Foot reflexology was found to be effective for the relief of herpes zoster.

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