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  Blood, Flow To The Liver  

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  China   Long Hua Hospital, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine  



Ying, M., ‘Preliminary Exploration on the Improvement of Portal Blood Flow by Reflexology in the Treatment of Moderate and Serious Fatty Liver." 2004 China Symposium Reflexology Report, pages 23-24.


  Portal blood flow of 50 moderate to serious cases of homogeneous fatty liver were measured by using HP 5500 color ultrasonic instrument. The relationship of Portal blood flow between normal people and fatty liver patients was explored and the effect of reflexology on the change of portal blood flow speed was observed. The result of the research will provide a basis for clinical application of reflexology as a complementary therapy in the treatment of moderate to serious fatty liver.


  Obvious increase in liver portal blood flow speed and blood flow speed to feet and liver portal all increased remarkably. The increase would help to improve the fat infiltration into liver cells; reduce the pressure of liver sinusoid; reduce the resistance, thus helping to bring about recovery. Reflexology might play a positive and complementary role in the prevention and treatment of fatty liver cases.

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