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  Validating Reflex Locations, ECG Heart And Intestine Reflexes  

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  China   Demobilized Armyman’s Hospital of Hebei Province  



Hu, G., "Comparative Analysis Of 115 Cases Of Positive Signs Of Heart Reflex And Small Intestine Reflex In Comparison With ECG." 2002 China Reflexology Symposium Report, Beijing, China Reflexology Association, pages 10-11.


  In order to verify the reliability of diagnostic results of foot reflex areas, the author made comparative analysis of 115 cases, all in-patients, who had positive signs on Heart reflex and Small Intestine reflex, in comparison with their ECG report. All patients were between the ages of 63 to 80 years old. A careful exploration was carried out on their two feet to find out any positive signs (pathological signs) on the Heart reflex and Small Intestine reflex.



Among 115 cases being discovered as having positive signs on their Heart reflex and Small Intestine reflex, 92 cases had suffered from different types of heart diseases verified by ECG. While 23 cases had normal ECG results, further examination showed that 19 cases of those 23 had hypertension and 4 cases had cerebral vascular disease, all of them closely related with the Heart. The result also indicated that the tenderness on the Small Intestine reflex increased in parallel with that of the Heart reflex.

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