Reflexology for Multiple Sclerosis

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  Multiple Sclerosis  

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  Israel   MS Center, Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer  



Siev-Ner, I., Gamus, D., Lerner-Geva, L., Achiron, A., “Reflexology Treatment Relieves Symptoms Of Multiple Sclerosis: A Randomized Controlled Study.” 2003 Multiple Sclerosis, pages 356-361


  Fifty-three (53) MS patients in this study were divided into two groups: 27 were placed in a treatment group, and 26 in a control group. Treatments were given once a week for 11 weeks by 36 reflexologists who each treated one study participant and one control patient. Treatments consisted of specific reflexology to the soles of the feet and calf areas or non-specific massage of the calf for the control group. These reflexologists were supervised by two experienced reflexologists. There were significant decreases in intensity and duration of paresthesia and urinary symptoms as well as a significant improvement in spasticity, and an improvement of borderline significance in muscle strength in the reflexology group. All treatments were done in a hospital clinic to overcome criticism that the relaxing atmosphere of private clinics might be a variable.


  Specific reflexology was found to be effective in alleviating motor, sensory and urinary symptoms in multiple sclerosis patients.

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