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  China   People’s Hospital, Wuhan University,
Wuhan Yichuntang Reflexology Centre



Zhaowei, Z., Chuntang, Y., "Research on Reflexology and the Function of Gallbladder" 2004 China Symposium Reflexology Report, pages 1-3


  Based on two cases of chronic cholecystitis and cholecystolithiasis tested by untrasonic tomography and successfully treated with reflexology, research was done to observe dynamically the effect of reflexology on gallbladder activities. Using B-Type untrasonic tomography technology, the authors studied the expanding and contracting functions of the gallbladder when applying reflexology on reflex areas of gallbladder and duodenum on the foot sole in order to explore the mechanism of treatment of cholecystolithiasis by reflexology. Three healthy volunteers, two females and one male (ages 42, 25, & 29) were each tested during six phases of a reflexology session.


  Successfully showed a measurable difference of the gallbladder at each of the six phases of the reflexology sessions.

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