Reflexology for Neurological Conditions

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  Nerves, Autonomic Nervous System  

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  China   Zhong Hua Reflexology Association  



Min-Xing, W., "Application of Foot Reflexology in Functional Symptoms Caused by Disturbance of the Autonomic Nerves." 2002 China Reflexology Symposium Report, pages 60-61


  Some functional symptoms caused by disturbance of autonomic nerves were common in the clinic. The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) controls involuntary bodily functions, those not controlled by consciousness. ANS includes the Sympathetic nervous system—reflex area of Kidney/Adrenal Glands on Feet, and Parasympathetic nervous system—reflex areas of head (toes) on the feet. Typical symptoms of ANS disturbance: uncomfortable sensation of head, insomnia, tension of shoulder and neck, aching pain of back and lumbar, fullness in the chest, constipation, irregular menstruation, etc.



Further studies needed.

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