Reflexology for Neurological Conditions

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  China   First People’s Hospital of Luqiao District,
Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province



Shouqing, G., "Comparison of Curative Effects of Three Therapies in Treating Hysteria." 2002 China Reflexology Symposium Report, Beijing, China Reflexology Association, pages 5-6.


  The author treated hysteria with 3 different therapies and made a comparative study of their curative effects. The 63 patients were divided into 3 groups: 36 cases as pharmacy therapy group, 2 cases in the electrotherapy group, and 25 cases in the reflexotherapy group. There were no significant differences in sex, age, condition, and course of disease among the groups. Reflexotherapy group also included injections. In 2 years’ follow-up, the curative rates were best for the reflexotherapy group at 64%. The electrotherapy group was 2nd at 42%; the pharmacy therapy group 16%. The number of cases in the electrotherapy group was too small to make a conclusion; further observation is needed.



Reflexotherapy was found to be effective for the treatment of Hysteria.

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