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  Profile Of Reflexologists And Clients  

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  Denmark   Department of Social Pharmacy, The Royal Danish School of Pharmacy, Copenhagen  



Author unknown, "A Description of Reflexological Practice and Clientele in Denmark." Department of Social Pharmacy, The Royal Danish School of Pharmacy, Copenhagen, Denmark. (Publication details not available.)


  A 4-month study was done in 1992 to profile Denmark’s use of reflexology, its practitioners and clients to see why reflexology is the most used alternative therapy. Two questionnaires were sent to 480 trained reflexologists. Only 380 (79%) responded most of which were women 40+ years old who practiced from their homes. Half of them used only reflexology and the other half used reflexology plus massage, acupuncture, psychotherapy, diet counseling and kinesiology. The majority of their clients had pain in their muscles or body, stomach pain or digestive problems, asthma/bronchitis/allergy, headache/migraine, and hormonal problems. 23% of those clients had no prior western medical treatment for their symptoms.



This study for which there were no conclusions attempted to profile Denmark's use of reflexology, its practitioners, and clients to better understand why reflexology is the most commonly used alternative therapy in Denmark. (Gallup Poll, May 1993)

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