Reflexology for Surgery

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  Post Surgical: Urination, Bowel Movements, Pain, Sleep  

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  Switzerland   Institut for Pflegeforschung des Schweizer Berufsverbandes der Krankenschwestern and Krankenpfleger  



Kesselring A, Spichiger E, Muller M. Pflege, “Effects of Foot Reflexology on Women’s Well Being, Voiding, Bowel Movements, Pain and Sleep after Abdominal Surgery.” 1998 Aug;11(4): 213-8.


  130 patients, all women, were randomly divided into 3 groups. They were given 15 minutes of foot reflexology (FR), simple foot/leg massage (FM) or personal conversation for 5 days. The parameters that were recorded were: subjective, self-assessed, general condition, pain intensity, bowel movements, voiding and sleep from the day before the surgery until day 10. Results: The FR group were able to void with out any problems after the indwelling catheter was removed earlier than the other groups. Also, the simple massage was found to be a relaxing, positive experience but the foot reflexology had various effects some even negative.



Foot reflexology is not recommended for acute, abdominal post-surgical situations in gynecology because it can occasionally trigger abdominal pain.

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