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  Breasts, X-ray, Palpation, Breast Reflex on Feet  

Study Conducted:



  China   Oncological Hospital of Beijing University  



Wei, M., "Exploration of the Relationship between X-Ray Exam result of Breast and Palpation signs of Breast Reflex." 2002 China Reflexology Symposium Report, Beijing, China Reflexology Association, page 25.


  The author made a comparative study of the x-ray signs, palpation sensation on Breast area, and the manifestations on corresponding foot reflex areas. 35 cases aged from 30-74 years old were observed in order to explore their inter-relationship, with a key purpose of exploration of the differential diagnosis of hyperplasia of mammary glands, which could be divided into different types of hyperplasia according to the affected tissues and according to the degree of seriousness.



The manifestations of the various degrees of hyperplasia in x-ray, local palpation, and pathological signs discovered on Breast reflex were different.

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