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  Blood, Serum Level Changes  

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  China   The Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine  



Qiang, Z., Ping, W., Bo, S., Kefeng, N., Zhixing, W., Huasong, L., Dong, S., Zhenxiang, L., "The effect of Reflexotherapy on the Changes of Serum IL-1B, IL-6 mRNA Gene Expression: A Clinical and Experimental Study." 2002 China Reflexology Symposium Report, pages 49-53.


  60 young people (mean age: 40.2 years) and 68 older people (mean age: 65.7 years) were chosen to evaluate the effect of reflexotherapy on the changes of serum IL-1B, IL-6mRNA, which are important immune regulators with multiple functions that could affect the functional activities of various systems of the body by acting on the nervous-endocrine system. The participants were randomly divided into Young Control Group, Young Therapy Group, Old Control Group, and Old Therapy Group. Serum IL-1B, IL-6 content of the participants were tested before and after reflexotherapy.



The old groups showed higher levels of IL-1B, IL-6 content compared to the young groups. Both II-1B, and IL-6 content in the Old Therapy Group decreased significantly after reflexotherapy. The young people showed no significant changes of serum IL-1B, IL-6 content and can be a promising method for anti-aging.

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