Reflexology For Constipation

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  Colon, Constipation  

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Yang, Y., Chao, L. Meng, G., Cao, S., Hao, J., and Zhang, S., "Exploring the Application of foot Reflexology to the Prevention and Treatment of Functional Constipation." 1994 China Reflexology Symposium Report, Beijing : China Reflexology Association, pages 62-65.


  40 elderly patients, both male and female, ages 48-90, 20 with constipation and 20 without, were studied. They were given a carbon tablet five days before treatment and one after. When no black stool was found, they were given 30-40 minutes of foot reflexology every other day for 10 sessions.. Basic reflex zones worked on were adrenal gland, kidney, ureter, urinary bladder, spleen, and celiac plexus. There was 30% high effectiveness, 65 % effective and 5% non effective in those patients with constipation.



Foot reflexology was found to have a remarkable effect in shortening the emptying time of the digestive tract of its contents, and is highly effective for relief of symptoms associated with functional constipation.

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