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  Sick Days, Reduced Use of Sick Days  

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  Denmark   Not indicated.  



Eriksen, L., and Levin, S., "A Closeup View on Company Reflexology." Danish Reflexologists Association Research Committee Report, February, 1995.


  156 Telcom employees were given reflexology over two years. However, this study was based on only 116 which completed questionnaires. The questions included why they sought reflexology, if the reflexology worked, and if the reflexologist met their needs. Results: workers were relieved from pain, back incidents, arms, muscular tensions, headache, migraine and stomach/intestinal areas. 55% reported it was effective, 29% reported that it was partially effective, 8% didn't known and 8% had no effect. 50% had less sick days, 16% said no, 42% did not know and 2% reported more sick days. 70% reported a greater awareness of imbalances in their bodies.



Reflexology has been found to be beneficial for issues related to payroll sick leave and productivity.

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