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  Sick Days, Reduced Use of Sick Days  

Study Conducted:



  Denmark   Odense Postal District  



Madsen, S., and Andersen, J., "Postal Reflexology." The Odense Danish Reflexologists Association Research Committee Report, November, 1993. (No other publication details available.)


  A study was done from 1989-1993 to see if having a staff reflexologist would help reduce employee absence and sickness. 235 participants were given questionnaires, After colleting all the data (the questionnaires, therapist records, attendance, payroll, productivity) the results were: 170 had good results, 60 had some results, and 5 reported no results. Along with that, the company was able to save expenses due to a reduction in employee sickness or absence-an average of 11.4 days to 8.5 days per employee.



The study showed overwhelming support for having a reflexologist on the staff to help reduce employee absence and sickness.

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