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  Sick Days, Reduced Use of Sick Days  

Study Conducted:



  Denmark   Eastern District of The Municipality of Svendborg  



Terp, H., "Municipal Reflexology in Svendborg, A Study of the Effect of Reflexology Treatment in the Eastern District of The Municipality of Svendborg, Denmark." Danish Reflexologists Association Research Committee Report, 1995.


  A study was done from 8/1/93 to 2/28/94 to promote employee wellness and reduce employee absenteeism. 40 clients were given foot reflexology. Results: absenteeism was reduced to 5.27 days from rate of 9.6 days. 97.5% reported relieve from their primary issue; 62% reported improvement, 35% reported partial improvement, and 77.5% reported positive secondary effects.



Foot reflexology was found to increase employee wellness and reduce job absenteeism.

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