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  Employee Wellness And Job Satisfaction  

Study Conducted:



  Denmark   Four Corporate Departments in
Arhus Municipal District



Kristese, K., Moller, E., and Rasmussen, I., "Reflexology as Personnel Care in the Arthus District Corporation: Take Good Care of Your Fellow Employees." Zoneterapeuten (Journal of the Danish Reflexologists Association, FDZ), Number 1, 1996.


  A study was done for 7 months to promote employee wellness and job satisfaction. 143 participants with muscle tension, stress, headaches and migraines were given 6 treatments of reflexology and encouraged to fill out a questionnaire before and after their sessions. Results: 79% reported complete or partial success, 57% reported that it helped in other areas, 92% wanted to continue, and 30% reported a greater job satisfaction after the reflexology.



This study gave compelling evidence that reflexology could serve a useful purpose in the workplace to promote employee wellness and job satisfaction.

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