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  Cancer, Pain  

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Southeastern United State

  Oncology unit of a regional hospital in the Southeastern United States  



Stephenson, N., Dalton, J., and Carlson, J., "The Effect Of Foot Reflexology On Pain In Patients With Metastatic Cancer." Applied Nursing Research, November, 2003, Vol. 16, No. 4, pp. 284-286.


  This study looked at the effects of foot reflexology on cancer patients immediately after a reflexology session, three hours later and 24 hours after the intervention. Patients reported lower pain scores immediately after a reflexology session. There was no statistically significant effect three hours after the intervention. Pain scores were lower 24 hours after the intervention, but there were more opioid analgesics taken than before the first intervention.



Although the sample was small, there is an indication that there is an immediate positive effect of foot reflexology for patients with metastatic cancer who report pain.

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