Reflexology For Cancer

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  Cancer, Pain and Nausea  

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  Australia   School of Nursing, Division of Science and Design  



Grealish, L., Lomasney, A., and Whiteman, B.,"Reflexology Used for Cancer Patients." Internet Health Library and "Review of Foot Massage: A Nursing Intervention to Modify the Distressing Symptoms of Pain and Nausea in Patients Hospitalized with Cancer," Cancer Nurse 2000, pages 237-243


  A 1992 study from Ferrell-Torry and Glick. 87 patients with cancer were given 10 minutes of foot reflexology which produced an immediate relief of pain, nausea and anxiety. Because of the positive results, it was recommended to use a greater number of patients in a controlled clinical study.



Foot reflexology was found to be effective for the relief of pain and nausea associated with cancer treatments.

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