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  Blood Pressure, Cobblestone Mat Walking  

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  United States of America   Oregon Research Institute  



Li, F and Fisher. K, ,“ A Randomized Trial Study on Improving Physical Function and Blood Pressure in Older Adults Through Cobblestone Mat Walking” Reflections: The Journal of Reflexology Research, 2004, Volume 25 Number 1.


  108 physically inactive adults, ages 60-92 were randomly divided into 2 groups. Group I, consisting of 54 adults, participated in cobblestone mat walking; Group II, consisting of 54 adults, participated in regular walking. Each group did 60 minutes of walking three times a week for four months. Primary measures were balance (functional reach, static standing), physical performance (chair stands, 50-ft walk, up and go test), and blood pressure (systolic, diastolic). Secondary measures were Short Form-12 physical and mental health scores and perception of health benefits from exercise. Results: There was a difference in balance, chair stands, 50-ft walk, and blood pressure but not for up and go. between Group I and Group II.



Cobblestone mat walking was found to improve physical function and reduce blood pressure more significantly than regular walking in older adults. Additional benefits included improved quality of life.

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