Reflexology For Circulatory Issues

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  Circulation, Blood Flow  

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Piquemal, M., “Global Effect Of Reflexology On Blood Flow.” 10th ICR Conference in Amsterdam, September, 2005. The article originally appeared in the ICR Newsletter, (March 2006), Vol. 15, No. 1, pp. 18-19.


  Nine subjects with varying social, economic, linguistic and cultural backgrounds were studied with infrared pictures of the soles of the feet and corresponding zones on the back related to five skin organ projections (lung, liver, stomach, pancreas, intestine). A clear correlation appeared after the reflexology session for each subject regarding blood flow distribution for the sole and its counterpart on the back in the five skin zones studied. Information from touch on the sole is believed to be converted into another form of energy as a nervous flux and then dispatched via the autonomic nervous system. This effect relating to the blood flow of the inner organs is seen in the thermal changes on the infrared photographs.



Reflexology appears (at least for the lung, liver, stomach, pancreas and intestines) to be a good therapy for regulating functional blood disturbance to these organs.

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