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  Extemities, Coldness  

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  Japan   Japanese Reflexology Association  



Sugiura, K., Matsumoto, N., "Clinical Observation of the Therapeutic Effect of Reflexology in Treating the Coldness of Extremities" 2004 China Symposium Reflexology Report, pages 4-7.


  Under normal temperature, 18 female patients aged 26-44 had obvious feelings of cold or cool sensation of the four extremities, including hands and feet. From October 2003 to June 2004, they were treated with reflexology that was targeted to various symptoms suffered by the patients. Firstly, both feet of each patient were soaked in warm water for 10 minutes before reflexology was conducted. After the treatment, they were advised to drink water. The treatment was applied once every three days at 40 minutes each session. Ten sessions constituted one course of treatment.



The treatment of 11 cases was remarkably effective; while 7 cases were effective. The reflexology not only relieves the coldness of the end of extremities, but also alleviates or gets rid of the other associated symptoms.

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