Reflexology For Menstruation And PMS

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  Menstruation, Stoppage Of, Amenorrhea  

Study Conducted:



  China   The No. 3 People's Hospital  



Wan, S. A., "Case Report on Secondary Amenorrhea Treated with Reflexology." 1996 China Reflexology Symposium Report. Beijing : China Reflexology Association, pages 78-79


  A 47 year old woman, with secondary amenorrhea (normal menstruation stopped for more than 3 months), was given an hour of foot reflexology daily. She complained of headaches, weariness, insomnia, chills and general aching. During the first session, patient sweated, muscles relaxed, pain disappeared, and body warmed. After second session, chills were alleviated. After third session, patient became even warmer. After fourth session, there was a small amount of bloody discharge that night. After fifth session, patient began 5 day menstrual cycle. Three days later, treatments resumed for 10 sessions. General condition of patient returned to normal with normal menstrual cycles.



Foot reflexology was found to be effective for the relief of secondary amenorrhea.

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