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  Neck, Cervical Spondylopathy  

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  China   Demobilized Armyman Hospital of Heibei Province  



Hu, G., "The Result of Examining Foot and Ear Reflexes Compared with X-Ray examination of 40 cases of Cervical Spondylopathy." 2002 China Reflexology Symposium Report, pages 35-36.


  In order to verify the reliability of foot and ear reflexology in diagnosing cervical spondylopathy, the author compared the results of foot and ear reflexology examination and x-ray films of 40 patients who were diagnosed with cervical spondylopathy , definitely. At the same time, 40 healthy cases were examined as a control group for foot and ear reflexology.



For the 40 cases of cervical spondylopathy checked with foot and ear reflexology, the results were in full conformity with those of x-ray examination. For the 40 healthy cases in the control group, all the results of the same foot and ear reflexology exploration were negative. This suggested foot and ear reflexology exploration had high accuracy. For all the cases of cervical spondylopathy, obvious tenderness was felt in the foot reflex areas of Cervical Vertebrae, neck, and upper 1/3 of Thoracic Vertebrae.

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